The Eagle’s Nest: How should we treat history?

This just seems wrong. My first thoughts upon arriving at the top of the Kehlstein, where Hitler decided to perch his social gathering and entertainment house, looking out at Berchtesgaden, Germany. The Eagle’s Nest. Naturally, when going to a place with such a terrible history, the first thing I’m expecting to feel isn’t comfort. Or … More The Eagle’s Nest: How should we treat history?

The Honeymoon Phase

With every new home, relationship, job, or big positive change comes The Honeymoon Phase i.e. the period of time where the new person, place, or thing you are experiencing can do no wrong, and you are entirely enamored with its existence. Although this term typically refers to romantic relationships, I am currently in my own honeymoon … More The Honeymoon Phase

Honey, I’m Home!

Coming to you live from my new home: London, England! I have now been here for 5 days, so I am officially a native– if anyone needs a tour of the 2 blocks in either direction of my neighborhood, I’ve got you covered. Yesterday was my first real productive day here, filled with things other … More Honey, I’m Home!

What’s to come!

Well, after a 6 month hiatus from my blog and a severe lack of creativity, I think I’m finally ready to get back to it! Instead of boring you all with the events of the last several months, I figured I would rather look ahead to what’s coming next! As most of you know, I … More What’s to come!